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Originally written back in February 2020, I've finally produced and released my first original song! 'SoKai' is inspired by the Square Enix game series 'Kingdom Hearts', which is one of my absolute favourite games. Told in the perspective of the main protagonist Sora, I wanted to tell the story of journeying through worlds, overcoming darkness and the friendship between Sora and Kairi, which led to it's name 'SoKai'. I really hope anybody who listens to this song will enjoy it, whether they're familiar with the game or not. A special thank you to my Patrons on for supporting the creative process of this track. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Bandcamp ♫


I'm a BIG fan of Eurovision, and last week I performed a spontaneous acoustic cover of Mae Muller's 'I Wrote A Song' on my live Twitch broadcast. I naturally went down the chill acoustic route with it and I enjoyed performing it so much I decided to clip it and create a full video cover for YouTube. Check it out below and let me know what you think in the comments! 

The Last Of Us Television series by HBO based on the video game has been a great success, and I've loved following the story play out in each episode. However, I'm not sure any of us were ready for the emotional impact Episode 3 had on us, featuring a beautiful song by Linda Ronstadt. Originally released in 1970, I immediately wanted to record a cover after hearing it on the show. I've kept it really stripped back and bare, using only voice, piano and strings to portray the emotions of the song and episode. I hope you like it ♥ Available on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Youtube. 

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I've always been a fan of this song from the 80s, but fell in love with it even more when I heard the chill acoustic cover featured in The Last Of Us Part 2 video game. I added it to my live performance songlist on Twitch for my audience to request, and it became a popular song on my live streams. So when the television series trailer also featuring this song, I thought I'd record my own chill / ambient cover of 'Take On Me'. I've taken a lot of inspiration from the video game for this, with an eerie drone underlying the track throughout. I also ended up using my draft recorded vocals for the final mix which is quite funny, but they just had the perfect 'chill' vibe I wanted. Listen now on Spotify, Apple Music, Amazon Music and Youtube. 

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