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Specialising in Video Game, Film & TV music, Kayt has a real passion for creating her own covers from some of her favourite soundtracks, as well as writing her own originals inspired by this genre. She enjoys using her voice as her main instrument when interpreting melodies and different aspects within the music. Some of her most loved music to cover are originally instrumental pieces, composed without any vocals or lyrics. When composing and songwriting, Kayt likes to explore storylines, images and character references to help capture the feelings and emotions she wants to portray within the music.

Kayt also uses her studio to broadcast live music performances on the popular streaming platform 'Twitch', where she has grown a friendly community of over 11,000 followers enjoying Video Game, Film and Television covers. She also uses 'Da Vinci Resolve' to produce music videos, which get released onto Youtube alongside her song releases to music streaming platforms Spotify, Amazon Music and Apple Music.


Screenshot 2023-04-12 at 15.46.26.png

Working remotely out of her studio based in Hampshire, United Kingdom, Kayt is able to offer soundtrack vocals for composers and musicians. She can improvise vocals over an instrumental track, interpret vocals around an existing melody, follow specific sheet music or add original lyrics. Kayt uses Logic Pro X and exports all finalised vocals dry at 48 k/Hz / 24 bit WAV files (unless requested otherwise). 


Kayt can also be booked to perform for live events such as festivals, conventions, concerts etc, with over 10 years experience performing live she can bring the love of soundtrack music to events worldwide.

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